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Carmine Mining has two operational divisions; Mining and Contracting, and Mining Equipment Supply.

Mining And Contracting

We have extensive and specialised expertise in underground mining and open pit mining. Some of the solutions
we have developed/improved upon include shotcreting/fibrecrete.
Our solutions have proved to save costs for our clients but not compromising the quality desired by the customer.

Mining Equipment Supply

Carmine currently owns,operates and maintains a fleet of over fifteen(15) underground mining units consisting of
drill rigs, loaders, dump trucks and auxiliary vehicles. Carmine is an
agent in Zambia for:

Ictus Grout Pumps

Carmine Mining is the Sole agent for Ictus.  In addition to marketing the range of Ictus equipment, we also perform
repair, service, and have conducted numerous training sessions for our customers on these products.

Evs Vent Ducting

This is a range of ventilation ducting products made in Canada. It is significantly better than all other flexible
products on the market to the extent that it competes with steel ducting at a fraction of the price of steel ducting.
We offer a full training and support service to the extent that we place a full-time employee on the mine in order to
conduct continuous training and ensure maximum utilization and benefit from the product.

PCF Explosives

A range of explosives products for specialist applications where controlled blasting is required in order to minimize
risk of damage to nearby infrastructure. Full training is provided to users. Typical applications for these products
are for slyping of existing excavations in which infrastructure such as pipes, electric cables and machinery have
already been installed, and for secondary blasting in tips, crushers, and conveyor lines.

Sulzer Rock Drills

A new generation of jackhammer that is lighter and more powerful than existing jackhammers. It makes use of
engineering plastics in combination with steel resulting in elimination of the requirement for lubrication, and
significant reduction in maintenance costs as the wearing parts are all plastic.

Hydro Power Mining

Drill rigs and loaders that are powered by high pressure water rather than by compressed air or electro-hydraulic.
This power source gives operating performances that are marginally lower than electro-hydraulic, but that are
significantly cheaper and easier to maintain.

Roof Support Products

Carmine Mining has manufacturing rights for a comprehensive range of roof support products with the raw
materials supplied by Rock Engineering of South Africa. This includes hot-rolled threaded bars, friction stabilizers
(split sets), tendon straps, cable anchors, mesh and steel arch sets, plus necessary accessories.

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